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For most of us, the phrase “undergraduate student research” probably evokes images of learning in a particular context where students apply theoretical knowledge acquired in a classroom to practical skills, all along being guided by highly experienced faculty members with advanced skills derived from many years of research experience.
The research showcased here illustrates that research apprenticeships are as integral to the educational experience of undergraduate students at teaching-focused universities as they are to graduate students at research- intensive post-secondary institutions. The research our faculty and students engage in builds on their experiences in the world outside the university, and it ultimately contributes to knowledge relevant not only to the academic community within MacEwan but the wider community surrounding us. Illustrating the fact that intellectual curiosity is universal, the 36 students from the Faculty of Arts and Science who are showcased in this publication
are enrolled in majors spanning nine different departments across our three divisions–the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.
This year, our students explored themes as varied as the measurement of changes in sea ice coverage in the Canadian arctic, how labelling persons diagnosed with mental disorders contributes to social stigma, and Leibniz’s views on the doctrine of world-bound individuals. All of these projects share a focus on understanding and bettering ourselves, and the world in which we live.
Whether they examine the impact of popular culture on feminism, factors impacting wireless communication, or the impact of transformational relationships on disenfranchised youth, the projects presented here also illustrate how the research interests of our faculty members have evolved from the time when they were mentored through their own first undergraduate student research projects.
6 Research & Creative Activity Showcase 2015

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