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School of Business
School of Business
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Phoa, John BCom 2015 Intergenerational communication in the workplace: Baby boomers and millennials
Rojas, Rannie Lou BCom 2014 Earth Hour app marketing research
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Student Abstracts
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Brodie, Sarah BCom 2015;
Amanda Zirk BCom 2015; Sarah
Hunter BCom 2015; Victoria
McNeilly BCom 2014
To cheat or not to cheat? That is the marketing research question
Capus, Jon BCom 2016
Beautific: An unlikely partnership to make “beauty drinks”?
Clarete, Famie BCom 2014 Drilling for differences: An empirical study of the impact of the IFRS transition on the income statements of junior oil and gas companies in Canada
Czwartkowski, Daniel BCom 2014
Chinese investment in the Canadian petroleum industry: The present and the future
Kung, Samantha BCom 2015; Hoang, Elise BCom 2015; Abuan, Myreen BCom 2016; Halkyard ,
Kody BCom 2016
Determining the current academic integrity environment and effective promotional strategies: A comparison of MacEwan University and the University of Alberta
Mason, Andrew BCom 2015 Beta’s relevancy
Leo Wong: Business with a Social Conscience
Etayankara Muralidharen: Sharing Knowledge
63 Weberg, Karl BCom
Asia-Pacific Energy Tech Services Forum: SME business facilitation framework
Faculty of
Fine Arts and Communications
Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications
Jim Guedo: All the World's a Lab
Allan Gilliland: Research Rhapsody
McCoy, Cameron BCom 2015 Future of non-profit and sustainability programs
Student Abstracts
Bradshaw, Jason BCS 2015 Understanding organics at the grassroots level
71 Kirker, Lindsay Fine Art
A place further from me
72 Pearson, Diana BMus 2016 Cultures of self: The use of affect, language, and narrative by post-secondary music students within Freire’s culture circle
Pitruniak, Brittany BCS 2015;
Morgan Messelink; Kathryn
Nutrition communication and consumer behaviour in Ecuador
Tasa, Katie Fine Art 2015 Deconstruct/Reconstruct

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