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20 Harper, Mark BSc 2015 Separation and characterization of naphthenic acids in commercial acid mixtures and in oilsands processed water
21 Harper, Shaun BSc 2015
DNA sampling from invasive garlic mustard populations in Edmonton and St. Albert
22 Haugen, Dallas BSET 2014 Towards sustainable educational institutions: The automatic assessment of images in student assignments and exams
23 Hynes, Tristan BSc 2015
Toward a translational model of neglect: The effect of prism adaptation on directional hypokinesia in healthy individuals
33 Perreaux, Abbey BSc 2015 Identification of modern seasonal sea
ice coverage across the Canadian Arctic Archipelago using diatom lipid biomarkers
34 Rahime, Jamal BA 2015 Examining explanation types given by exhibitionists
35 Rusin, Casey BSc 2015
Greening the nanocellulose preparation process: Ruminant digestive system as a nanocellulose reactor
36 Shaw, Ashley BSc 2015
Immunity responses of field crickets (gryllus firmus) to gregarine parasites
37 Sinyard, Ann BA 2014 Relationship between presence in virtual reality game play and dreams
38 Smillie, Joanne BSc 2018 Characterization of a shocked rock from the Haughton Impact Crater
39 Smith, Joshua BA 2015
Is inter-world identity possible within Leibniz’s philosophy?
40 Stefanyshyn, Aaron BSc 2016 A programmable inexpensive mobile potentiostat for electrochemical analysis
41 Stonelake, Erin BSc 2016
Effects on H. dimenata infected T. molitor behaviour
42 Thalen, Jacob BSc 2015 Weaponry in juvenile North American field crickets
43 Toop, Carissa BA 2015
The heterogeneity of domestic violence: A risk-based validation of offender subtypes
44 Vaillancourt, Celine BA 2015 Masculinity in Cosmopolitan: “Ask Him Anything”
45 Wang, Yang BSc 2015
A statistical analysis of Paleo-climatic data
46 Wei, Ran BSET 2014 Investigation and modeling of the pore structure of oil shales
27 28
29 30
31 32
Ingraham, Erica BA 2015
12-Day reinforcement-based memory in African cichlids (Labidochromis caeruleus)
Mak, Derek BSc 2016 Factors that impact received signal strengths in wireless communication
McCarthy, Sabrina BSc 2015 Dhofar 1970: Investigation of shock transformation features in a previously unstudied chondrite
Miller, Ryan BSc 2016 Remediation of naphthenic acids using biochar
Morrill, Adam BA 2016
The anxiolytic effects of scopolamine in zebrafish
Mosley, Eric BA 2016
Progressive feminism through James Bond
Munn, Ashlyn BA 2016 Reappropriation of mental disorder labels and stigma-related perceptions
Oladogba, Oluwatosin BSc 2015 Biochemical characterization of the kinase activity of the DNA repair enzyme PNKP from C. elegans and D. melanogaster
Orr, Brett BSc 2015
Species identification within the orchid genus Dracula using matK gene barcoding

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