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MacEwan University's research culture continues to evolve in amazing ways. We remain as dedicated as ever to excellence
in teaching and learning. And we remain committed to integrating the outstanding scholarship of our faculty into the learning experiences of our students. We believe that research and creative activity need not wait until graduate school or be the purview only of "research-intensive universities." We are a research-intensive university
and at MacEwan, research and creative activity are part of our everyday reality. The creation and dissemination of new and important knowledge here is a collaborative adventure of discovery, integration and engagement. In this showcase, you will read about the many innovative initiatives, especially those in which our students, staff and faculty have collaborated, that make MacEwan University such an exciting
place for scholars to work, study and learn together. Enjoy reading! And join me in congratulating all those who have made the past year such an outstanding scholarly success.
Dr. John Corlett
Provost and Vice-President, Academic

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